Enjoy visiting one of Southern Sicily’s most beautiful towns, Syracuse and its amazing sites with our local expert driver guide.....

Departing from our hotel we will enjoy a leisurely drive (approx. 1 hr 30 min) towards our destination passing the “Piana Catanina”, the coastline of the Ionic sea and the Iblei mountains along the way. 

During our journey our guide will give us some heads up on this lovely city which was built on an ancient Greek settlement and founded by the Ancient Greek Corinthians over 2700 yrs ago . It is known for its Greek history, culture, amphitheatres, architecture and as the birthplace of Archimedes. This city also played a key role in ancient times when it was considered one of the major powers!  Our day will include a visit to the archealogical are of Neapolis and its Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheatre and Latomia del Paradiso (with its Dionysius Hear) and the “Ara of Hyeron”. 

Upon arrival in Ortigia, considered the heart of the city we will enjoy a stroll along the ancient narrow streets where we will admire all the must see places of this lovely town. We will admire the Duomo Square, built above a Greek temple which holds more than 2500 years of history, our next visit will be the Arethusa fountain with its Papyrus plants. We will then head towards the older quarter of Syracusa known as Giudecca where will admire important buildings dated back to the medieval period. Our visit will also include the local Sicilian market with its fresh vegetables, fish and of course local products.

All Year Round Available on request