Your private English speaking driver will pick you up at your hotel at a pre-determined time for trip to Lake Como, Upon arrival in Como, we’ll spend some time strolling through Como’s center, taking in its narrow streets and picturesque stairways. We’ll pop into its cathedral, wander through some of its loveliest piazze, and get an overall sense of the city in the company of local expert. Next, we’ll make our way to a nearby public boat, where we will begin our first ferry expedition of the day. We’ll spend our 45 minute ride gazing out at the stunning surroundings, getting a better understanding of the lush splendor around us. We’ll disembark from our peaceful, astonishingly beautiful ride at Bellagio, a tiny village of under 4,000 on the edge of Lake Como that has inspired poets and musicians for centuries. We’ll spend some time with our docent navigating the charming scenes of Bellagio, from the beautiful gardens of Villa Melzi to the picturesque cobbled lanes adorned with Italian restaurants, before stopping for a local lunch as our docent continues their narrative of Lake Como and its surroundings. After our relaxing (but brief) sojourn we’ll board another, shorter ferry to Varenna—a characteristic lake harbor and charming approach, this eleventh century fishing village is a must-see in Lake Como. It offers one of the best-preserved medieval centers of the entire lake region, with its porticos and historic churches, such as the Church of San Giovanni Battista (one of the oldest in the Lario area). We may visit one of Varenna’s villas, such as Monastero or Cipressi, each with their striking views and perfectly manicured gardens.

All year round Available on request