Capri island:

Your private car and English speaking driver will pick you up at the port at a pre-determined time for your tour of the beautiful Capri island with its imperial villasmedieval churches, elegant 19th century residences, magnificent coastal walksflower-strewn mountain slopes and, of course, the shimmering blue Mediterranean sea. You will visit Villa jovis, built in the First century ad as a fortress. Dominating the promontory that extends from Grotta Bianca point to Caterola point. Then you will visit Mount Solaro the highest place on the Island; you can either walk there or take the chairlift to reach the top quite quickly while you enjoy a splendid view of Anacapri and the Gulf of Naples. Once you arrive on top you will see a complex of belvederes. The way back on foot is one of the most beautiful walks on the island; the quite smooth route allows also a visit to Cetrella, where you can admire the lonely church of S. MariaYou can also visit the Grotta azzurra , known since the Roman times, where there is an almost surreal view in the inside, the transparency and the blue of the water give the impression of navigating through a clear sky, and the boats seem to float on a fantastic universe. Since the opening is very narrow, to get into it you need to take one of the small rowing boats moored outside the cave; Although the natural beauty of the islandfar outshines that of even the most glamorous of its visitors, no trip to Capri can be considered complete without having first attended the people parade in the legendary Piazzetta. It is here, in this tiny square bordered by chic pavement cafes, that the world’s beautiful people come to be seen, swathed in the designer clothes and jewelry purchased moments earlier in the exclusive boutiques lining the streets of the historic center. 

Spring to Fall Available on request